Here I Am

Sewing started for me in the 7th grade when I made my first quilt. Many years passed in between my first and second sewing adventures. I didn't have a sewing machine yet, so those adventures involved sewing things by hand, usually while the garment was on my body.  


Many years after that—and the acquisition of a sewing machine—I started experimenting with natural dyes and discovered that it was a very exciting alchemy. That is when I decided to use the naturally-dyed fabrics to make quilts, and then on to make garments. Shopping for clothing has always been a challenge for me, but when I discovered I could make my own clothes, I figured there must be other people feeling the same way. The addition of block printing each individual garment has been really fulfilling. Trying new styles of garments and seeing people in my community wearing these garments fills me with joy.

In small batches, I dye the fabric. Then, at my dining room table, I cut each individual piece. Then I block print them, let them dry, heat set them, and start assembling the pieces. One by one they come together, no two alike. This is the part of the process I love the most. Never really knowing how each piece will come out, I just trust that each one will be beautiful.

Thank you for looking.

Vanessa K. LeJeune

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